Executive Management

CEO Office

Administration & Financial Unit

Mr. Salah Hasan Sayed Ahmed.jpg

Mr. Salah Hasan Sayed

Cheif Financial Officer
Muslim Lady

Ms. Nesma Hussain

Asst. Financial Officer

Shari'ah Supervision and Audit

Dr. Fuad

Dr. Fuaad Al-Dulaimi

Head of Shari'ah Supervision and Audit
Dr. Omer Ababneh 1

Dr. Omer Ababneh

Supervision and Audit
Dr. nafeel

Dr. Mohamed Nafeel

Senior Shari'ah Auditor
Dr. Musleh

Dr. Mohd Muslehuddin

Senior Shari'ah Auditor
Dr. muneer Khamis

Dr. Munir Khamis

Shari'ah Auditor

Research and Studies

Dr. Ebrahim Hasan Gamal

Dr. Ebrahim Hasan Gamal

Head of Research & Studies

Marketing and Public Relation

Mr. Abdullah Al Dereai

Mr. Abdullah Al-Dereai

Head of Public Relation Unit

Information Technology

Mr. Qais Al Dereai

Eng. Qais Al-Dereai

Head of Information Technology

Digital Media and Business Development

Muslim Lady

Ms. Mayssa El-Baphe

Head of Digital Media & Business Development
Mr. Mohamed Munawfer

Mr. Mohd Munawfer

Asst. Head of Digital Media & Business Development

Support Services


Mr. Hassan Chakari


Mr. Mohamed Firdows

Mohamed Nasir

Mr. Mohammed Nasir