Dr. Osama Qais Al-Dereai


B.A in Hadith Science from Islamic University in al-Madina al-Munawara – KSA.   M.A in Islamic Sciences from International Islamic University – Malaysia.   PhD in Islamic Economics – Specialized in Islamic Finance Transactions – Al-Malaya University – Malaysia.


Worked as a lecturer at International Islamic University – Malaysia – Faculty of Shari’ah and Humanities College, and Collaborating Lecturer with Law College of Qatar University.   Previously worked as Head of Shari’ah Audit for First Finance Company.   Currently is Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Bait al-Mashura Finance Consultations.   Member of many Shari’ah Fatwa and Audit Commissions inside and outside Qatar. He has many studies and researches in the field of Islamic Finance Industry, and he is a specialized trainer in transactions of contemporary jurisprudence and its applications in Islamic Finance Institutions.