January 10, 2019

Bait Al Mashura” is The First Financial and Investment Advisory Firm in the State of Qatar

Bait Al Mashura Finance Consultations Company has been licensed and accredited by Qatar Central Bank as the first Financial and Investment Advisory firm in State of Qatar to operate in The Financial and Banking Sector. Bait Al Mashura is proud to be a National Qatari Company that has enhanced its presence in the Financial and Banking Sector through its excellent professional services in the field of Financial and Investment Advisory to Individuals, Companies as well as Financial and Banking Institutions. In addition to its leadership in serving the Islamic Finance Sector in State of Qatar through professional and cognitive support, Bait Al Mashura is organizing uniquely the largest annual event in Islamic Finance Sector, which is the largest international scientific demonstration has witnessed by Doha under the name of “Doha Islamic Finance Conference” which bring together the most famous Islamic finance industry leaders and thinkers. As well as, “Bait Al Mashura Journal” that published by Bait Al Mashura has become one of the most well-known regional and international journals to publish the latest academic research in the field of Economics and Islamic Finance in both Arabic and English languages. Bait Al Mashura is also Publishing a series of statistical reports and qualitive studies that discuss the reality and role of Islamic Finance Institutions in the State of Qatar. This achievement is considered to be a stage of success that has lasted more than 10 years in direction of achieving the vision of the company towards the global leadership in the field of Islamic Financial industry, which will be achieved by Allah willing, and then the efforts of Bait Al Mashura Family, for the service and development of the Financial and Banking Sector in Qatar.