August 12, 2020

The Qatari economy overcame COVID-19 with a successful economic stimulus package

A recent study confirmed that the State of Qatar has provided a successful model in containing the repercussions of the COVID-19 on the economy through a major economic stimulus package, successful measures and measures that have proven their efficiency and effectiveness, as these measures were not limited to quantitative management only, but extended to include financial policies in support of private sector companies affected by the crisis The study prepared by Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Jamal, Director of Studies and Research at Bait Al Mashura Finance Consultations, monitored the package of economic measures and incentives undertaken by the State of Qatar to avoid the consequences of the emerging Corona crisis, and studied its effects on some indicators of the Qatari economy, with reference to Islamic financial institutions in Qatar and their dealings with those Procedures, and the study found the effectiveness of the economic incentives and decisions taken by the State of Qatar in limiting the repercussions of the emerging Corona crisis, and the ability of Islamic finance institutions to benefit from stimulus programs, taking into account their specificity and financing nature. This study was published in the special issue of the peer-reviewed scientific Bait Almashura Journal related to the COVID-19 crisis.