Investing in human capital is the ultimate from of investment. Thus, Bait al- Mashura Company has recognized its importance through providing a team of professional experts to design, develop, implement and manage training courses and workshops. Our services include the following:
  1.  To develop, market and implement a set of annual training plans , including training courses for institutions.
  2. To conduct training courses and shari’ah orientation for members and boards of financial institutions.
  3. To provide Islamic Financial Industry with needed professionals and to qualify interested fresh graduates in the field of Islamic     Financial Industry.
  4. To create principles, rules and standards that help to upgrade level of education, training and development amidst Islamic     Financial Industry personnel.
  5. To develop programs of Islamic Banking Studies, including professional diplomas in association with highly-esteemed universities and institutes.
  6. To organize specialized workshops.
  7. To organize Islamic Financial conferences to discuss developments of Islamic Economy and its applications.
  8. To render consultation services for human resources departments.
  9. To grant certifications in supervision systems and shari’ah audit from prestigious institutions in Islamic Financial Industry.