1. To review article of Association and Articles of incorporation of a given institution/fund to ensure that they are free of Shari’ah prohibitive clues.
  2.  To review and edit bylaws and internal polices of institution/fund from Shari’ah point of view.
  3.  To revise and edit a given company template and proposed contracts and agreements in the institution/fund.
  4. To declare Shari’ah decisions regarding all institution/ fund procedures.
  5. To participate in generating and developing contracts and procedures for financial institutions through presenting Shari’ah advice and suggesting alternatives.
  6. To respond to all incoming Shari’ah inquiries from institution/fund.
  7.  To prepare Shari’ah annual reports that demonstrate Institution/fund’s compliance with Islamic Shari’ah regulations.
  8. To calculate Zakaht at the end of fiscal year.
  9. To administer and supervise full or partial transition processes towards Islamizing financial transactions for conventional banks/branches.
  10. To set Shari’ah standards and controls that are required for establishing Investment Funds, Portfolios, currencies exchange and Sukuk.