March 19, 2019

Key scientific & practical issues at 5th Doha Islamic Finance Conference

In its 5th edition, 5th Doha Islamic Finance Conference focused on discussing the impacts of digital development on Islamic finance. The conference has reviewed central banks’ experiences in light of the world’s major changes in the field of finance and business that occurred due to the great development caused by the information technology. This issue has motivated financial and banking institutions to review their future opportunities and the possibility of transition to the digital world; in addition to the expansion of the virtual world that adopted digital currencies outside banking systems. Additionally, the conference discussed mechanisms to develop a future vision for the possibility of building an Islamic digital bank with its legal, regulatory and legal dimensions. These mechanisms are conducted in accordance with a legitimate and Sharia vision, in light of the acceleration of the financial sectors today that included Islamic banks that intend to transform into a digital financial technology. Finally, the conference referred to the digital economy and sustainable development, electronic systems in Islamic banks and their challenges in the digital world.