January 10, 2019

Bait Al Mashura organizes the 5th Doha Islamic Finance Conference

Today the world is passing through the rapid developments of fourth industrial revolution, set off by the instance of rejuvenating digital concurrence. Such digital concurrence is well established and vigorously penetrating through every prospect of human life to an extent that it has become a pattern of the world, as some of us presumed it to be virtual, is in fact an indispensable need. In the domain of finance and business, the digital finance advent is poised to change market’s equilibrium and power centers, as it impacted all the sectors of economy including the sector of Islamic finance. In the light of digital revolution pointed out, our today’s economy is in need of a system capable of striking a balance between the requirements of digital development and human needs. Herein emerges the role of Islamic Economics as a live, participatory and value-based system, stemmed upon the principles of Islamic legislation which engulfs entire advancements of life, in line with principles and objectives of Shari’ah with an ultimate aim to serve the interest of humanity in short and long terms. No matter how diverse the means and mechanisms have evolved, under this system the consideration of social and humanitarian aspects is inevitable.The growing procession of Islamic finance over the past decades and the ongoing efforts to overhaul its progress, as of now, requires a multiple facet effort in order to keep up with the tremendous developments of the digital world. Therefore, the Fifth Doha Islamic Finance Conference comes in to showcase the international banking experiences hand in hand with the digital world, the impact of digital economy in realization of the objectives of Islamic economics coupled with sustainable development. Further, the conference is prominently a step beyond the analysis of the present and study of the past experiences, i.e., to present a futuristic outlook of the Islamic digital banking model and its Shari’ah and legal dimensions. Asking Allah for help and accordance   Thank you