June 15, 2022

Bait Al-Mashura signs a cooperation agreement with Azentio, the leading company in the field of financial technology software

Dr. Osama Al-Dereai, CEO of Bait Al-Mashura, signed a cooperation agreement with the global leader in financial technology software Azentio, as part of the continuous development efforts and the strategic relations between the two companies. Dr. Osama Al-Dereai said that through this agreement, a number of opportunities will be provided to develop financial technology software that will benefit the financial sectors in Qatar to empower the country’s economic vision 2030. He added that this comes in light of the continuous development of the strategic cooperation relations pursued by Bait Al-Mashura Company, through which the best financial technology technologies and software solutions are provided to the Qatari market to support Qatar’s vision, which is consistent with the goals of sustainable development. Dr. Al-Dereai indicated that Bait Al-Mashura looks forward to the enhanced experience of digital financial technology software that is applied in Azentio International, to attract more external expertise to Qatar and to benefit from these effective experiences in all financial fields to advance the country’s economic and development efforts. He also touched on the fruitful cooperation between the two institutions that comes to combating the negative effects of the Corona pandemic on the financial and banking sector by providing the latest financial technology technologies in the Qatari market to drive rapid production. Dr. Al-Dereai praised the importance of the agreement in supporting the financial and banking services market in Qatar, as Bait Al-Mashura Financial Consulting was the first Qatari company to sign agreements with international Fintech companies regionally to provide digital workshops to educate the public about the importance of digital financial technology in cooperation with major international entities from Asia, Europe and Africa In the various fields of financial and digital technology to raise awareness of the digital financial culture, expressing his aspiration for the importance of the participation of all local companies in the BM Fintech initiative launched by Bait Al-Mashura to enhance cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of financial technology.