January 29, 2019

Bait Al Mashura organizes three new training programs titled principles of Islamic Finance for International bank of Qatar

Bait Al Mashura has organized three new training programs titled principles of Islamic finance for International bank of Qatar for the Employees and Managers of the bank, the course was attended by the employees and managers of the bank for a period of five days and eleven morning and evening training sessions during the month of January 2019, at La Cigal hotel, Al Ghariah Ballrooms. The course is considered as critical part of the merging process between Barwa bank and The International bank of Qatar in order to provide all the banks’ calibers working in different departments and domains with the right tools to enhance their Islamic Finance Knowledge and performance. The program is aimed at refining the skills of the employees, managers and executives and enabling them to perform efficiently, the attendees praised the distinguished training program and the richness of the its contents and the highly experienced trainers of bait Al-Mashura as well as the highly professional and flexible coordination and follow up efforts of the training programs which adheres with the policy that Bait Al Mashura follows in providing an a distinguished,  innovative and immersive learning experience.