February 14, 2021

Bait Al-Mashura organizes an interactive workshop for employees

Bait Al-Mashura for Financial Consulting organized an interactive workshop for the company’s employees on Saturday, February 6, 2021, at the Sheraton Hotel – Al Rayan Hall. Bait Al-Mashura used Adventure Rooms agency to organize the interactive workshop with virtual reality technology, where the players were divided into four different teams, and they competed to solve a group of puzzles divided into five levels to reach to defuse the bomb using Oculus VR devices, which enhances the team spirit among the employees of the company and increase the interaction and communication, and enhance the atmosphere of love, friendliness, and fun within the company. The digital interactive workshop was presented for the first time successfully, where the employees praised the great interaction of the workshop, the fun idea, and the distinctive composition of the puzzles, which were carefully developed in an innovative and interactive way which contributes to boosting the internal communication channels within the company between and among sister companies, and also to motivate the employees to develop and keep abreast of the latest new digital technologies. In addition, the monthly meeting of the Bait Al-Mashura was held after the conclusion of the interactive workshop, and the new activities in each division of the company and sister companies were reviewed. The Managing Director and CEO of Bait Al-Mashura, Dr. Osama Qais Al-Dereai, announced and honored the ideal employee for the year 2021, Mr. Mamdouh Al-Badry, in light of his accomplishments and achievements during the year, with the trophy of Bait Al-Mashura for the employee of the year and a certificate of appreciation.