June 7, 2020

Bait Al Mashura issues the first economic book on the blockade of the State of Qatar

This book addresses the economic experience of the State of Qatar in confronting the repercussions of the blockade crisis 2017, through five chapters. The first chapter is the economy before crisis, by reviewing the history of the Qatari economy, compared to the present position, and also this position within the GCC system and indicators till the blockade. While, the second chapter addresses the nature, circumstances and repercussions of the Gulf crisis 2017. However, the third chapter addresses the impacts of the crisis on the Qatari economy through benchmarking its impact on common economic indicators, such as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Consumer Price Index (CPI), Public Finance Index, Exports And imports. Such indicators are in addition to other impacts on the financial and banking sector measured by Stock Market Index, Money Supply, Bank Assets, Credit, Deposits and Liquidity, in addition to Tourism Sector Index and Real Estate prices. The fourth chapter is monitoring the measures taken by the State of Qatar to confront the economic repercussions and impacts, through initiating proactive actions including the strategic visions in building the economy as sound and solid, besides the contingent measures adopted by the government to relieve the impacts, and other measures taken to strengthen the economic system, and maintain no harm on the long term. Finally, the fifth chapter addresses the impact of the measures taken to overcome the impacts and repercussions of the crisis, benchmarked with the indicators contained in this study.