November 4, 2020

Bait Al Mashura has organized new training programs for Al-Jazeera Finance company

Bait Al Mashura has organized two new training programs titled “How to measure and analyze investment and financing risks” for Al-Jazeera Finance company in Qatar, the course was held during the month of October 2020. The course is presented for the second time after the great success and the praises of the first training program provided by Bait Al-Mashura, and in which the managers of the finance and investment departments of Al-Jazira Finance Company participated in it. In accordance with the policy of Bait Al-Mashura, in providing a unique, innovative, and interactive experience in education and training. The training course is a link in a group of intensive training programs prepared and presented by the Bait Al-Mashura Company in coordination with the human resources departments of a group of companies to enable employees and executives to perform their tasks with professionalism, and to learn about the latest technologies and mechanisms to implement tasks and businesses, which is an important part in the process of developing employee performance. Bait Al-Mashura hires the best trainers in Qatar, who have PhD degrees, masters and international certificates accredited in many specialized fields, including but not limited to Islamic finance, human resources, office management, auditing, executive secretaries, and basic skills for time management, negotiation, persuasion and risk analysis, with the aim of Refining the skills of cadres working in the public and private sectors through investing in the human element, training, and development to reach the highest levels of professional competence in the interest of our beloved country, Qatar and the entire Islamic nation.