July 28, 2020

Bait Al-Mashrua Journal has released the 13th issue as a “Special Issue on Corona Crisis

Bait Al-Mashrua Journal has released the 13th issue as a “Special Issue on Corona Crisis”.  The issue has three Arabic and one English peer reviewed research studies. The Arabic research by Ahmed Belouafi entitling “Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Islamic Finance Industry” sought to identify possible channels that could transmit the impact of the virus outbreak on IF by providing a brief review of the pre-pandemic industry’s situation and concludes that the industry was affected by the exposure of the two major sectors affecting the economies of the two regions: oil for the MENA region, and tourism for Asia. Another Arabic research by Mourad Boudaia entitling “Financial Contracts and Corona Crisis – A Shari’ah Study” confirms that the pandemic has satisfied the conditions for Shari’ah considerable excuses to entail Shari’ah based concessions, the comprehensive ways for treating the distortion happened to the contractual commitment during the exceptional times. The third Arabic research by Erahim Hasan Gamal on “The Economic Procedures Adopted by the State of Qatar and their Impact on Confronting Novel Corona” took account of economic procedures and incentives undertaken by the State of Qatar in negating the implications posed by the novel Corona crisis and analyzed the impact and effectiveness of such procedures. The only English research by Volker Nienhaus  enlightened on “The Futrue of Islamic Finance after the Cororna Crisis” and concluded that through the channels of equity like financing, green and socially responsible Sukuk, digital approaches of Islamic microfinance and the broader usage of Islamic social finance instruments shall revise the Islamic finance in future.