April 5, 2018

Annual General Meeting of Bait Al-Mashura

A common Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held by Bait Al-Mashura Finance Consultations on Thursday , 5/04/2018, in Al-Imam Al-Tabari meeting hall at the company’s headquarter 10:30 AM sharply. The event was attended by each of the following: Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim As-Sulayti – Vice Chairman Dr. Osama Qais Al-Dereai – MD CEO Representative of Ministry of Economics and Trade Financial Auditor Shareholders HE Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sulayti opened the meeting by reading the agenda of AGM comprising of discussing the management report on the activities of the company and it is financial position for the year 2017, the agenda also engulfed the future plan of the company and its approval, report of financial auditor for the year 2017, discussion and approval of the budget and profit and loss of the company, and appointing the financial auditor for the year 2018 and related price determination.