Bait Al-Mashura Finance Consultations is an independent member of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA). Leading Edge Alliance Global, founded in the United States in 1999, is the second largest international association in the world, creating a high-quality alliance of more than 175 firms focused on accounting, financial and business advisory services. With more than 2150 partners, 450 offices and 175 firms, LEA has an ongoing campaign to expand into new global markets. LEA Global firms operate from more than 450 offices in over 100 countries, giving clients of LEA Global firms access to the knowledge, skills and experience of more than 2,150 partners and 25,459 staff members. Leading Edge Alliance Global firms’ combined annual revenue totals more than $2.7 billion.

Leading Edge Alliance Global firms’ unique alliance enables them to maintain their independence, while working together to provide the ultimate in client service and providing valuable access to understand the cultural and commercial norms across the globe. Unlike big 4 firms, LEA Global firms identify closely with their clients because they, too, are business owners seeking to grow their companies. They create innovative solutions to their clients’ challenges and proactively counsel them on opportunities. Where you are, the Leading Edge Alliance is ready to help with your growth and success. LEA Global is an alliance of strong, productive and personal relationships that grow through individual and LEA Global-sponsored opportunities.

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